Interface: 38. Pen and Paper People Eaters

You’re in a meeting and you need to remember some key details of the conversation. Do you write it on a sheet of paper, or punch it out into the notes app on your iPad or iPhone? Then you are asked to attend a meeting – can you check what your calendar looks like, oe is it sitting on your desk? After work, you remember you need to stop at the store – do you have your list?


Interface: 37. The Best Game Nintendo Could Make on iOS

I don’t even remember what we talked about. Video games, I guess? Like a low-budget Idle Thumbs. It doesn’t matter, I’m just going back to Mario. Gotta collect those souls, amirite? This game, it’s like those auto-scrolling levels of Olde only now they’re even harder (and maybe they’re crappier as a result). I’m just glad someone took the time to hand-craft all of these coins. Like I took the time to hand-craft the coins I paid them with! Hah! But for real, no nickle and diming here. Just a crisp Hamilton and a Lincoln on the flipside for all the sweet, sweet MARIO action you could want… until you beat it.
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Interface: 34. A Market of Artificial Musicians

The year is 2016, and the worlds biggest musical star is putting the finishing touches on their new album. Then, from down the hall, they hear their mother call for dinner. They quickly hit command-s to save their changes, close their laptop, and head off to eat. The entire album being produced on a $900 computer, without the need for any instruments or musical theory, that MacBook Air contains a gold mine.