Interface: 18. Google Loofa

When we were young, we would do and say what we wanted. For many of us, what seemed acceptable in the moment, later seemed like an embarrassing, stupid, or hurtful thing, but rarely had lasting evidence. Now, in an era of “everything online, all the time,” what can be done about the trail of dumb we leave behind?


Interface: 17. Sorry, I’m Going to Be The Liability

I’m not writing anything snarky or goofy about online toxicity. It’s bad, and whether or not you agree with the viewpoints of people who are expressing their opinions, no one deserves to receive constant abuse, death threats, and rape threats. Today, we talk about what can be done and what’s being done to combat online toxicity.

John Gabriel’s Greater Internet _______ Theory (we’re a clean show I guess?)
YikYak is garbage
@nero banned from Twitter forever
xkcd on free speech as a defense (read the alt text)
Periscope’s solution to online harrassment
Racism in Hearthstone
The Elo rating system
Dota2 player realizes he’s being a dick (report at eleven!)
Overwatch more popular than League of Legends in Korea
League of Legends is enormous
Jeff Lin of Riot discusses how they tested eliminating toxicity
Another Jeff Lin talk
Yet another Jeff Lin talk
More on Jeff’s experiments at Riot
A good overview on Riot’s attempts to curb harrassment
Ruining it for the rest of us
Dark patterns as a good thing
Riot using online metrics to deal with toxic, in-house employees
Overwatch is becoming famous for its low levels of toxicity
Online altruism
Overwatch gets one method of avoiding online abusers removed because it was being abused
Overwatch play-by-sound
Radiolab’s Trust Engineers
Everything is a Remix
Remakes that are better than the original


Interface: 16. A Lie is a Dark Pattern of Language

Ian is being crushed by a deluge of newsletter spam. They want conversions, he wants inbox zero! Later, he turns the tables and makes a million dollars tricking people into paying him three dollars every month for a service they don’t even know they are paying for.

Your writer was up late last night, so sorry about the show notes.


Interface: 15. Geodudes. The Only Dudes I Like.

After a terrible, tragicly unfortunate event, Ian’s original recording of this episode was lost, leaving us no option but to re-record, as to not miss our Monday deadline. Fortunately, we pinned our show notes to a virtual bulletin board and were able to cover a super popular game! But is it even a game, or is it something else?

The much hyped PokémonGo, augmented reality (AR), and how the new wave of AR apps could leverage social elements.

Go play Pokémon Go!


Interface: 14. A Couple Tiki Drinks for Inspiration

“Off-camera, a hand. On-camera, a wife. A husband. A baby shower. Thumbs bubble up from the corner, punctuated by the occasional heart. Messages trickle in from family members distributed around the country. Then a presence, one you haven’t felt since high school disturbs your bliss. Your Facebook Live privacy settings were wrong — if only we still used Google Plus!”

Some real-life feedback on the use of live video streaming for personal events, as well as in educational and office situations.