Interface: 46. Is Copying Actually Bad?

I’ve definitely seen this one before. I can’t quite put my finger on where — Facemash? Soundjammers? Twibbles? Show me again, website. Yes, I’m sure I’ve watched this before. I remember making it. We marinated the chicken in mayo, which made it extra juicy! (Ed: this actually works.) Here’s the thing. When I saw it, there was a person there, more than just hands. A face and a personality, you know? And yet here we are with a twenty-five second portrait video compressed to hell and claiming to be something else. Who would do such a thing? Do you really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and steal content?

Interface: 45. Switch Anxiety

After roughly 6 years of flings with various Android devices, Chase has found true love and happiness with an iPhone 6S. Moving from Android to iOS can’t be without pain points, though, right? Changing apps, different content providers, a keyboard that is hard to punctuate… how will he adjust? And what’s the cost of switching platforms in the current state of technology?


Interface: 44. The Blue Light Generation

When we were kids, we rode bikes and played outside. Today’s kids are buried in their devices, and experiencing the world through a tiny glass window. But what happens next? How does it change the way they interact as they grow up? What dependencies does it form?


Interface: 43. Play More Like This

We’ve created a playlist of songs we (the algorithm) think you’ll love, based on a mysterious set of features. Here’s a preview:

  1. Call Me Maybe
  2. The Hand That Feeds
  3. In Da Club
  4. Back in Black
  5. Mrs. Robinson

Are you excited? …No? …but the algorithm. How could it be wrong?


Interface: 42. You Lose Money if You Don’t Buy It

Chase has been keeping his eye out for the latest Toyz2Lyfe game (inspired by the Dreamworks Pictures animated Toy Story rip-off), and he’s found some great online tools to track the best deals. Unfortunately, he’s been sucked into the consumerist trap of online deal sites, and now has a garage packed wall-to-wall with HDMI cables and women’s pants. The internet is weird.