Interface: 23. 100 Words a Minute on Glass

Andrew is convinced that giving every student in a class a computer is a bad idea. Ian thinks it’s the way of the future, and almost a necessity for the kids of 2016.

Who is right? Who is wrong? Will these 2 ever agree on anything?

Find out as we discuss the use of technology in the classroom, and ways technology and the internet can be used to truly improve the classroom experience.


Interface: 22. A Receipt for Your Vote

It’s a weird year to joke about elections, but the current inconsistencies and design of many voting systems is a bit of a joke. Some votes are cast on paper, others on an electronic machine, and the layouts of the ballots can vary widely from precinct to precinct.

This week, we discuss some critical flaws in various ballot designs, and how the entire process could be simplified to offer a more frictionless and transparent experience.


Interface: 21. A Lack of Clarity

So you bought a 4K TV. And the new Xbox One S. And you’re paying the extra $2 to Netflix for “Ultra HD.” You fire everything up, and suddenly you realize – there’s not much worthwhile content to take advantage of all those bonus pixels. Finally, you settle on “Smurfs 2” (available in 4K), only to be greeted by buffering every few minutes.

There are many hurdles to 4K right now, but is it a consumer gimmick?


Interface: 20. If You Can Touch it With a Finger, You Can Touch it With a Mouse

After a long weekend, Andrew heads in to work, only to realize that his wireless keyboard and mouse are on his desk at home. After checking around the office, he decides his best option is to just suffer through using the touchscreen of his Surface 4 to work on editing a few pictures in Photoshop.

After an hour of effort, and almost no progress on the task, he downloads Pixelmator for his iPhone, and is able to edit the images in a matter of minutes, leaving him to wonder what good a touchscreen is if you’re stuck using mouse-based apps.


Interface: 19. A Sock You Have to Charge

Chase is a dad of 2, and Ian is about to be a dad, and Andrew was away on business, so this week, we take a quick dive into smart devices for kids (babies).

We also discuss how fitness wearables for adults offer motivation, and the desire for social elements in a fitness tracker.