Interface: 40. I Already Have a Working Relationship with Amazon

It’s been a long week, and it’s my night to make dinner. I know the fridge is basically empty, but going to the store seems like too much work. Fortunately, I can shop a virtual grocery store, pick a delivery window, and know that my day just got 10% easier – but at what cost?


Interface: 39. Face Down on a Table

So we missed — PING — our projected sales for — BZZZ BZZZ — the fifth quarter in a row. I know — PING PING — that you’ve been — ZIP POW — leading that division — BEEP BEEP — as best you can but — RING RING, RING RING — are you going to get that? Hello? Yeah. Yeah. No. Yeah. I told him no. He had it yesterday! Yes, he did. No. Okay, see you tonight. Sorry, kids, you know? Sure. So, like I was saying — BZZZ BZZZ — you’re a great leader — PING — and you’ve been in charge of — WHISTLE BUZZ — a lot of great projects over the years — BOOP BOOP — but with the division’s recent — ZINGO ZANGO ZAMBO — performance I’m afraid — BZZZ BZZZ — we have — PING — to let — RING RING. No, I told you, he got it yesterday! No! Sorry. Continue. We have to — POW — let you go. BLAMMO!


Interface: 38. Pen and Paper People Eaters

You’re in a meeting and you need to remember some key details of the conversation. Do you write it on a sheet of paper, or punch it out into the notes app on your iPad or iPhone? Then you are asked to attend a meeting – can you check what your calendar looks like, oe is it sitting on your desk? After work, you remember you need to stop at the store – do you have your list?


Interface: 37. The Best Game Nintendo Could Make on iOS

I don’t even remember what we talked about. Video games, I guess? Like a low-budget Idle Thumbs. It doesn’t matter, I’m just going back to Mario. Gotta collect those souls, amirite? This game, it’s like those auto-scrolling levels of Olde only now they’re even harder (and maybe they’re crappier as a result). I’m just glad someone took the time to hand-craft all of these coins. Like I took the time to hand-craft the coins I paid them with! Hah! But for real, no nickle and diming here. Just a crisp Hamilton and a Lincoln on the flipside for all the sweet, sweet MARIO action you could want… until you beat it.
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