Interface: 10. A Piece of Garbage Strapped To My Wrist

Today on Interface, a special guest host: Chase Meusel! We sit down and have a conversation about the nerdiest accessories you can get this season. Do you need a $500 wrist mounted computer that reminds you stand up once an hour? Get your sweet reviews here! I should probably type the word “wearable” here so you can find it later with search.

  1. Apple Watch > Rolex
  2. Apple Watch made more money than Rolex
  3. Withings Activité
  4. UsTwo modular smartwatch interface
  5. UsTwo Face Maker
  6. Wired article on the Disney MagicBand
  7. Push for Pizza
  8. Devices that let you do more (scroll to #3)
  9. A history of wearables, from the Bronze Age to today
  10. Pictures under glass
  11. Sweethearting
  12. Matt Webb’s Glancing, a thing about presence
  13. Chronos
  14. Best smartwatch ever


Interface: 09. A Heavier Day Than Usual

You may have noticed that lately, Chase has been absent from the podcast. Fortunately, we’ve tracked down (at least some of) the problem, and found it to be mostly scheduling conflicts. This got us wondering, is there a better way to handle scheduling, calendars, and productivity?

This week, Andrew and Ian dive into the current, messy state of calendars and scheduling, and highlight some products, services, and ideas that might make it better in the future.


Sunrise (RIP) Keyboard

What Calendar Watch

Your calendar is a mess


Invisible design

Frictional design

Calendar Watch

UsTwo’s wearable design system


Interface: 08. Transparent and Frictionless

It’s easy for a usability designer to get beaten down and depressed by all the bad interactions in the world. Doors with terrible affordances, unclear signs, and software that gets in the way more than it helps you. Today, Ian and Andrew talk about all the good things out there — interactions where a designer took the time to sit down, examine the problem, and create a solution that actually helps people out. There’s a lot of good out there!

Mazda CX-5 Keyless Entry

Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock

Gyroscope Running

UsTwo: Designing for Movement

Ten Principles for Good Design

Misa Kitara

iON All-Star iPad Guitar

Olympus Micro 4/3 Camera

PowerPoint Auto-Spacing


Interface: 07. Push Button, Receive TV

Andrew just got back from four weeks of traveling and a move and all he wants to do is sit down and watch some TV. But where can he find the first season of Veronica Mars? This week — we try to figure out how to fix TV (if it’s even broken at all).


R.I.P Aereo


An interesting (French) proposal for a unified TV interface

Planet Money episode on cable TV channels

Cable Subscriptions Fall

Why advertising is going to implode

81.5 million Netflix subscribers

YouTube Red

Kids these days! (Just aren’t watching TV like their parents)


Macnificent Podcast: 32. Probably a Controversial Opinion

This week, Chris and Ian recount their history with Apple, the products and experiences that shaped their love of the company, and some of Apple’s more memorable moments.

The Topics

iPod Classic

iPod Nano

Macintosh 2

Spectre Game for Macintosh

Original iPhone

1st Generation iPad

Apple LISA

Apple Bandai Pippin

Macintosh TV

iPod Shuffle, 3rd Gen

3rd Generation iPad

Apple 1984 Superbowl Commercial

Mac vs PC

Will Ferrel iPhone Commercial

The Original Switch Commercial

Original iPhone Commercial Campaign

iPad Air Your Verse Commercial

Apple 2013 Christmas Commercial

Apple 2014 Christmas Commercial

Something of the Week:

Ian: Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Chris: popSlate 2




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